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★released "3D Real Gun sp 360 °" ipad version

New featureハ
-Preservation to the camera roll of the gun imageハ
-A gun and shooting (video)ハ
-Link to gun dataハ
-It is replaced the shooting simulation background imageハ
-Addition of the gun imageハ

*ipad version was released. (February 1).
The future we are planning to add features in the ipad version shooting game.(Oct.7)

Information up version of "Real Gun Sp 360 。", coming soon! (May.24)
* Reduced to 110MB capacity
* Replacement of the background image of firing simulation
* Fixed part of the shooting sound
* Unlock Lite version AK47 firing simulation

*Version 1.1.1 has been uploaded that fixes the shooting sound of the M14. (June.28)

*We plan to add additional game features and shooting up the type of gun as the version in the future. (June.28)

Gun to appear in "Real Gun Sp360 。" is using the image of a real gun all.

Real Gun Sp 360°offers our original, 360-degree multi-shot photos of firearms.
They are not realistic computer graphics, but high-resolution photos of real guns owned by collectors.
Feel the difference!
15 firearms of the periods from the 1850s to the 1980s, such as handguns, assault rifles,
sniper rifles and shotguns, are featured in chronological order, accompanied by detailed data of each model.
The high-resolution photos allow smooth magnification of different parts of the firearms.
You can have a closer look of the details of the guns, as if they were in your hands!

With Real Gun Sp 360°, you can:
- rotate the image of each model of firearms freely 360 degrees with a fingertip.
- simulate the firing from the viewpoint of the shooter and observe the ballistic trajectory toward the target.
- select the background image from 5 different situations.

*List of firearmsハ
Colt51/Snider Rifle/Winchester Rifle/M1Garand/AK47/M14/FNFAL/G3A3/ハ M16A1/AR18/WA2000/PSG1/L96A1/M24/BenelliM3 /MERKEL/BERETTAハ

*Gun Collection dataハ
japanese matchlock gun/Kentucky Rifle/Colt51/Snider Rifle/Winchester Rifle/M1Garand/AK47/M14/FNFAL/G3A3/ハ
M16A1/AR18/WA2000/PSG1/L96A1/M24/BenelliM3 /MERKEL/BERETTAハ

*"Real Gun Sp360 。" adds a new gun and function sequentially.ハ